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You can visit my gallery at Galerie im Weingut or my Blog at Wordpress

Maj Britt Hansen:

- 31 years of experience as freelance photographer in editorial, Science and people photography.

- International background
Born in Denmark, freelance photographer in the United States, Canada. Editorial and book projects in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Barcelona, Berlin and Heidelberg.

- Located in Freiburg, Germany

- English, German and Danish (Et un peu de français).

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Wedding photography

- inqueries and portfolio requests: please send an email: mbh [at]

portraet von mbh
"In the past few years my work has focused on book projects and annual reports.

It is important for me to understand people, their passion and their purpose.

My dogma is to impliment this in my work as a photographer"

(photo by Mehrnoosh Rainer)

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2014 Upcoming Exhibitions

01.05.2014: "Panorama" a small sole photo exhibition in the Galeri im Weingut, Freiburg-Munzingen

31.05 & 01.06, 2014: sole photo exhibition at the weinery Weingut Bertram Isele, Achkarren

Recent Exhibitions

2011- Spring: „Das Golden Vließ le La Borde“, in Galerie im Weingut, Freiburg
:: more information

2010 a small photo exhibition at Weingut Vorgrimmler. The title of this show is "Weinbau ist Handwerk"

Soloexhibition in September 2008 at the Staatliches Weinbauinstitut Freiburg at Blankenhornsberg in cooperation with the Badische Landjugend (young people invoived in farming and work in the countryside): "Landjugend im Dialog". A selection of the images exhibited can be viewed under the "Tuniberg" link below.

2007 “IWH”, Internationale Wissenschaftsforum der Universität Heidelberg, Germany

Dreams and Hopes, Matagalpa, Nicaragua - book

"Dreams and Hope" portraits of the People, Matagalpa, Nicarauga is a 128 page hard cover book. All photography by Maj Britt Hansen and text by Sven Gårn Hansen and Nikoline Agger. To order the Dreams book just send an email : We had a follow up visit and the people are progressing. It was wonderful to visit everyone again.


dogs around the worldThe "Dogs Around the World" gallery is a pet (!) project, which has been growing over many years. This is a small out-take from our dog collection.

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