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Design and Production

MBHstudios offers design, layout and desktop publishing as part of a "one-stop" service.


With over 20 years experience within webmedia (yes, back then it was all hand coded on a 8mb hardrive! and graphics ran over night with 4mb of ram!). We can deliver the images, the design and the entire site, catering to your specif goal(s). We pride ouselves in working closely and directly with our clients. Small projects are always welcome - they are fun and just as important to us as to you.

We can produce and integrate websites, brochures, letterhead and logo design. We can integrate existing design or start from concept and build according to our clients wishes and desired target.

We work closely with top translators and writers:

Spanish <-> English <-> French
German <-> English <-> Danish
French<-> German <-> English

Samples Projects:

women at the frontier of science
Logo, letterhead and more
logos and scientific meetings


Representative Websites/design/photography:

Ökologishes Weingut Klaus Vorgrimmler, Freiburg, Germany

Breisgau Sonnegarten, Freiburg, Germany

Bioweingut Isele

Praxis für Heilpädagogik Haas


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